Welcome to my website. For anyone who likes direct, quickly understandable information, perhaps only parts of my site will be for you, and for those of you who understand the meandering approach, I’m certain you will have no problem picking and choosing among my umbrella offerings. So am I trying to please everyone?   Even I know that’s impossible! I’m just being me. I’m looking forward to your feedback, but in the meantime let me provide you with an introduction to the spokes of my umbrella!

The Birth of Patricia Claire Enterprises

You will see me introducing a video to be used as documentation from a course in Organizational Communication I taught at SIUE shortly before I left for California on a year’s sabbatical leave. The name came from that class. I also explain how my teaching most everything in an experiential method seemed to permeate my life as a teacher. References are made to my very first year as a teacher in Sparta, IL.   That experience made me a believer of the excellent things teenagers could do when given an opportunity.   I’m always happy to dialogue with individuals who would like to know more and/or share experiences of this approach to teaching.

Books and Projects

You will find information about books and projects in which I have been involved with over the years. In certain instances I’ve given an annotation to these various items.

In Clare’s Home

Here is where I have short writings I’ve done over the years and continue to do. There are categories like “the Children’s Room”, “On Aging and Death”, “Why We Write” and “Today I….”.

I explain my connection (some would say obsession!) with St. Clare of Assisi and how all of the writings here are actually observations/comments from myself with “Clare’s Home” being my mind.

Connections: Past Present and Future

Here you will find links to other websites, books, all kinds of things including “interesting people”. In some cases I will not only give a website but also information on how I’m connected to these places and people. In other instances it will be just a listing and a brief comment as to why I’ve put it there.


Of course I’ll be adding to the various spokes over time and I really mean it when I say I’d love hearing from you!