At the Orthodontist

A woman was in the orthodontist’s waiting room. A father and his
teenage daughter entered. Noticing the time, the woman decided the
father must be on his lunch hour and the daughter out of school for her
dental appointment. The woman had a habit of taking in all that was
occurring around her. She began to study this couple.

The man looked to be a professional type. He was well groomed and wore
a conservative dark gray suit. His daughter (she assumed it was father and
daughter) was attractive. Her eyes were brilliant blue; her auburn hair long
and in the casual style of the day. She wore a cashmere looking sweater
in the shade of blue which only accented the beautiful eyes.

The father picked up a magazine, sat down in the usual male fashion with
crossed legs, one serving as a table for his magazine. He turns the pages.
His daughter snuggled close to him and view the magazine.

The man moved away from his daughter. His space was being invaded. It
was a small move at first. He continued turning pages and the daughter
continued moving closer and looking with him at the magazine. At times
she pointed to something on a page. He gave her a disgusting look and
moved away again from the girl.

The woman was beginning to feel sorry for the girl. But then she started to
think it was the father who really needed help. As they say, “He didn’t have
a clue!” Here was a daughter who obviously cared deeply for her father.
To him, she was just an annoyance to his magazine reading; her
appointment interrupted his work day.

Once again the daughter pointed to something. The father uncrossed his
legs, slammed the magazine into her lap, and folded his arms tightly
across his chest. He glanced at his watch with a look of disgust. The girl’s
face flushed to a bright magenta. Her blue eyes filled with tears. She put
the magazine on the chair next to her and dropped her head, her hair
flowing over the edges of her face.

The woman also looked down. One of these days she was going to have
to stop taking in things. It was too painful. She tried to keep her own tears
from falling.