Two Interesting People Finally Connected!

Charles and Doug

The back story…

Doug Montgomery - whether you are a tourist visiting or a long time Santa fe resident, you probably have heard about.Doug Montgomery, pianist/entertainer extraordinaire. I’m a 20 year Santa fe transplant , and
while I had been to Vanessie (where you’ll find him tickling the ivories) several times over the years, I was a groupie at another place. Things changed.

My visitors I now took to see Doug.




Charles Blanchard - Charles and I met selling our books at Tuesday mornings’ Farmer’s Market. At first sight his book seemed huge and about classical music. Since I took Art Appreciation when I was a college freshman at SIU Carbondale (Yes back in the dark ages!) I always felt I lacked appreciation for classical music . Here was an opportunity to fill that gap. But it was a very thick book; consequently I delayed reading it.

Finally I picked it up to begin my read. What? A self-help book? Based on
quotes from the masters? But also quotes from my favorite people - those
whose concepts I taught regularly in my Interpersonal Communication
classes. Wow!

At one point in time I asked Charles if he knew Doug. He certainly knew
who he was, but did he know him personally? No. I had a former student
coming in to visit in the next week . I was determined that even though I
didn’t know Doug personally either , I would give him a copy of Charles’s
book at that time. It was an evening when Doug played the first two hours
followed by a guest performer later. As he completed his performance, I
went up to Doug first reminding him of a mutual friend, Greg Grissom (now
deceased). Then I handed him a copy of Charles’s book saying, “ I think
you might enjoy this book. Feel free to read or just pass it on to someone.”
Doug’s response was that he would read it. Read it he did. Loved it and
wanted to make contact as well as purchase multiple copies for his

Time to meet - Yes! I am not going to give you the backgrounds of these
two men. My wish is that you do research. I learned there was so much
more about both that I was overwhelmed. For some of you who might be
reading this and know me personally, you’ll know what I want to talk
about. Connecting - That moment when two people experience what can
only be called a spiritual moment.

The moment - Charles , his charming girlfriend , and I waited at our table
as Doug approached. He sat down and looking directly at Charles
immediately said “I love your book!” Charles responded with”You have no
idea what that means to me coming from you.”

To see these two men equally talented but different each in his own way,
to be witness to this spiritual happening, that my friends is connecting!

So what now - The guys have developed a friendship. So much in
common yet each uniquely his own person. I have two friends. As I
recover currently from heart surgery, each night I listen to one of Doug’s
CDs. When Charles won composer of the year and the symphony here
played his winning composition, I was in the audience tears flowing of

Check out Doug’s CDs and Charle’s book!

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