She Thought She Got It

If you haven’t read the entry “She gets it now (9/18/2015)” I hope you will.
I really thought I did “get it”. Ha! It’s four years later since I wrote it and
the experience that motivated me to write the piece was even years before
that. Well guess what. I obviously didn’t get it then, but I do now. My
problem is to get past the intellectual understanding - or getting - to a
behavioral one! I think I might be there.

Reassessing Things

Today I was reassessing my websites and dealing with some realities.
While it will take me some time to get this completed, I do plan to
reorganize the PCE (And don’t I wish I had named it that!) site making kit
easier to access and easily find information.

I need to acknowledge that I have no training in recording interviews etc.
and relied totally on my IPhone. This created issues like some of the
material in Talia’s lengthy interview that volume was too low.
But I have learned ; future work will be better.

Someone commented over a year ago that my entries were too long. At
the time I said I created the PCE site as I wanted it to be. Well you know
what? She was right. I have good friends who write blogs as well , and I
really want to read them, but I often skim. Maybe I’m incorrect , but it
seems to me my daily paper these days has extensive articles. I don’t
remember in years past that they were so long. I read the headlines and
skim the rest. I also wonder why I keep having it delivered.

In checking past posts I found an entry over a year ago where I apologize
for having not written for a long period of time. Wow! That’s exactly what
I’m doing now. Sorry! I do hope to get better. These current “catch up”
entries are a start. I also have several new connection entries I want to do.
I also think if some of you start responding to entries and/or perhaps want
to do a guest blog, I would really be motivated.

Talia with the Love of Her Life and an Update

Talia continues to be involved all things theatre here in Santa Fe. Theatre
Walk just concluded it’s third year again very successful. Talia is also now
on the board of SAG-AFTRA and the Ambassador for DramatistGuild of
America. She has written a play to be given in connection with Joanne
Tucker’s group producing National Day of Violence event.

As my lengthy interview with Talia demonstrates, she’s a woman of many
talents and always on the go. I personally get worn out just hearing about
all the things she’s doing.

However, the biggest change in her life currently is her grandson, Oliver.
She and Bill (Talia’s husband) are sharing much joy as they raise this little
boy. It has of course caused Talia to modify some of the many things she
does. Perhaps fewer workshops in other countries, she’s busy working it
out. And if you know Talia, she will! But one just has to look at the
pictures she’s been posting to see how much she and this child adore
each other.

She Continues to Star

Here she is playing Rizzo in GREASE. Fun to see her stretch to a different type role. Prior to the opening of this show she was in New York with an actress who has been playing one of leads in Jewish FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, another in ALADDIN, and actor currently playing Aaron Burr in HAMILTON. How this happened is another story. Currently she’s back in Texas, a junior in high school happy to have a new drama teacher this year. 

Updates on People from Before

Some updates on people I’ve posted about before.

Renee has taken retirement and continues to enjoy her family and inspire
those around her.

Mary has just published a book for writer’s and is doing a workshop
related to information in the book. She continues to be one fantastic
editor. She also recently facilitated the development of a group
discussing ways to improve racial relations.

Wishing my friend George Tate were still alive. He could contribute so
much to this group. See my post on George 11/6/2015.

Doug continues to shine at Vanessie though there’s a new owner and sort
of a new name: FelixVanessie, he continues to do “gigs” all over the
country. I enjoy his music whenever possible.

Charles relocated to Arizona where he continues to give presentations and
sells his books. Was thrilled to meet up for lunch this past year and hope
to do that again. I told him about the my new book. While I was
explaining the underlying structure to him, it dawned on me his book has a
similar type structure. Unfortunately I mentioned that to which he
responded I would have to give him a cut off of all books sold. Love him
and miss his being here in Santa Fe.

Connie and the love of her life, John , recently retired to Las Cabos
Mexico. I look forward to visiting them in the future. It thrills me to see
couples who are so much in love as they are. Connie of course continues
to be Connie; she does quite a bit of posting on FB raging against the
current political climate in our country. But then remember, her Mother
grew up in Germany under Hitler’s reign. I admire Connie’s spunk.

Meghan continues to be cancer free; she continues to write.
She works and goes to school plus raising three darling boys with their
Dad. I hope to have another guest piece from her in the future.