This is where you will find the books and projects I have been involved in over the years. The most current book(s) of course would be the Annemarie Series and you can find a link to that website to gain much information about this project.

Adult books I was working on before I moved into the Annemarie series. I intend to return to these soon!   One is fiction based on some facts titled: In Clare’s Home – My search for St. Clare in the Southwest. The second is in some ways a tribute to my many students over the years. Title: The Story of My Life – with apologies to Neil Diamond.   It is definitely nonfiction with the opening chapter on when and how I discovered that students really were the story of my life.


UPDATE: My Annemarie book series is now on hold. The two books I’ve referred to in another post as resuming, will be sort of…. I also need to point out that I had referred to them as “adult books”. My good friend Charles Blanchard told me to stop using that reference unless I was writing porno books. Who knows, I might! But if I did it would be under a different name.

At this point I’m very excited about starting a new book which will be a type of memoir but related to concepts I’ve taught forever. I’m into note taking and organizing at this point in time. My motivation came from two things. First: I’ve been doing reviews for Traveler’s Advisor…the Owl. I have a huge number of followers, but because my name isn’t listed, just initials with a number given by them, these thousands of followers don’t connect to my books. Second: I seem to be bombarded in the last two years interacting with people who are classic examples of what I used to teach - particularly projection (Seeing in others what we can’t see in ourselves.) and talking past each other. Both have been driving me crazy! So, the new book combines memoir with my teaching life. Sample chapters: “I wish I had been a math major!” “It’s great theory, but…” The “Story of My LIfe” book (title taken from a Neil Diamond song) will now be part of this new memoir.

What do you think?


So proud to list this book.  Karla was one of my grad students at SIUE who then went on to get her PhD at University of Illinois. She currently is a Professor at Saint Louis University.  This book is really about her dissertation , and while its focus is on “strong black women”, I personally learned something as well.  Many of us consider ourselves. “strong women”and while historically black women have had it much worse, Karla’s basic thesis is about “self care” which we all need to hear!

Having done the necessary work for credibility i.e. the dissertation, a book, she can now continue to do what she loves most…workshops and speeches on better racial relationships.


From Eulogy to Joy is an anthology of true stories of all types that relate to a death and how each person moved from grieving forward to joy. When I first moved to Santa Fe I saw an advertisement in a writer’s magazine soliciting this type of story. I almost missed the deadline, but the women doing this book allowed me to send my stories in a bit past it. I also went way over the word limit. (A bad habit of mine!). Needless to say when I received their acceptance of my pieces (though they did edit them down slightly in word count) I was ecstatic. It took forever to finally get a copy of the book. (Of course now I’m much wiser about the whole process of putting books out!) I intended to sit down and read it from cover to cover. Well, that simply couldn’t be done. I read a few selections, cried a bit, read a few more, cried more and on and on. I’m sure one could purchase a used copy of this book because it was published many years ago. I still love it and especially certain entries.


Further back in time I worked with Dr. Gary Applegate on his book, Happiness: It’s your choice. I met Gary when I worked for Dr. William Glasser. Gary was one of those charismatic speakers and workshop leaders. Everywhere he went people asked if he had a book, which at that time he didn’t. I took a years’ leave from my position at SIUE to join Gary in California and help market his book. He had been using a ghost writer I discovered upon arriving in Sherman Oaks where Gary had his counseling office. She quit shortly after my arrival because she found it difficult to weave his theories into her writing. Gary was ready to shelve the book, but I really didn’t want him to do that. I explained that I dabbled in writing, and I certainly understood his ideas since I worked with him over the years. Thus the book became a reality. Gary would tell me about a case study or a topic and I would write the scenario for it. This book too probably can be purchased used. It came out in the eighties.

Update on Gary.  It saddened me to learn and now to pass on to you, that Gary succumbed a few years ago to Alzheimer’s disease.  His wife took care of him to the very end.  So missed by those of us who knew and loved him.


I’d like to make a point here on decisions writers face today and before. Do we get the agent and the big publisher? Or, do we self publish? Back in those days self publishing was labeled as a vanity press. I cringed when Gary told me he planned to go that route. Why? Because it would take a “big publisher” at least two years to get it out on the market, and Gary had a major speaking engagement in a few months. He would be the keynoter at a conference as well as workshop leader. It was an opportunity to sell MANY books. During this entire process I learned that people like Eric Erickson and other renowned individuals actually self published their books. I’m certain that many of the thousands who bought Gary’s book had no idea that “Beringer Publishing” was really Gary. Today, self publishing is not a dirty word, but it still has barriers for some outlets.

Two other books I will mention even though I didn’t write them. One is Phunny by Mimi Paris. This is a strange book to many, but when you know Mimi’s story, you can understand why she wrote this book. I include it in this section because early in the book Mimi tells the story of “the yellow bow”.   By the way, she did ask my permission to include it. She talks about her first encounter with Pat Goehe. It was an experiential workshop (See the birth of PCE where I talk about my firm belief in this method of teaching.) and the various exercises I had built into the sessions forced Mimi to either confront her demons of long standing or to continue to “pretend”. She talks about how she hated me, how she learned to deal with her past at one point in the workshop. Today I call Mimi my adopted daughter. In the future I will most definitely have an interview with her for another category on this site.


The second book, The Key to Survival, is written by two of my former students. I include it in this section because they dedicated the book to me. I remember when the brother of one who attended SIUE at the time, came up to me in the Student Center. He handed me a copy of the book and made certain I read the dedication page right then. Kleenex please! He had no way of knowing that I had just had one miserable day related to promotions and other type issues. It seems that this happens to me often, especially since I’m no longer teaching. I will be having a downer day and then I will hear from a former student. Or, if you check out the Annemarie site, I have posted pictures of former students who came to my readings and always with messages how I affected their lives. I don’t handle these types of things too well. I have always been an emotional person, so at times like that it makes me feel that maybe I have made a difference in people’s lives.   My perspective however has always been that my students made a difference in my life.


I have been a guest blogger at times on Elaine Pinkerton Coleman’s adoption blog. Her books and my connection with her you will find in another part of the website. I will also be interviewing her in the near future.

I have three completed screenplays: The Gnome; The Funeral; Grace   I have written these over many years with Grace being the most recent and it was completed some four years ago. I’ve never tried to get these sold and as for Grace, I never will. It has a strange back story when I had hired a teacher who I thought would help me.   That didn’t work out, but as I continued to write this script I realized it had become therapy for me. Someone read it and wanted me to “put it out there” but I couldn’t and won’t. Too personal.   Too hurtful for someone in my life. No, it was great therapy but it will remain that.