She Continues to Rise

From chorus to lead…

Here she is again, as Maria in The Sound of Music

Just got word she will be “Dolly” in Hello Dolly a few months from now.  What next?  Hope it will be in WICKED!!!!!!!!

Just two years ago Loralai was a chorus member in the Plano Youth Theatre’s production of Les awMiserables. Now here she is playing one of the leads - Fantene - in Les Miz, again at Plano Youth Theatre. She continues to be a “rising star”.

Proud Daddy

Proud Grandma

Proud Mama, Loralai, Another proud Grandma

True confession …

Yes , she’s my granddaughter! I’m fortunate to have two very talented young ladies as granddaughters. Annemarie is the writer; Loralai the actress/singer.

Following Loralai

From chorus to a lead!



I’ve been following this young lady for some time.  Check back entry 2/26/2016 where she is in her middle school talent show followed by her rendition of song “Til the Pain Is Gone”.  Her Father is in the music business and one of his clients wrote this song. Loralai often sings the songs for Dad’s clients.


Then you may want to check out the entry 1/23/2017 “She’s On Her Way”


Now you are ready to see the in depth interview with Loralai, her parents and Grandmother from several years back when she was in the chorus of Les Miserable.  Yes!  She is in another production but playing one of the leads this time around .  She’s also just been cast as Maria in “The Sound of Music”.


So look for more posts as I follow the growth of this young lady!


The Statues

A grandmother and her grandson were enroute to visit the four year old boy’s great-grandparents.

“Look Grandma. Look at all the statues inthat yard.”

Now the grandmother had driven this route many times in her life and she didn’t remember any statues.

“Where, honey, where do you see statues?”

“There,”he replied. “There, can’t you see them there by that barn?” Grandmother started laughing.

“Oh honey, those aren’t statues; those are cows.”

She made a mental note to see to it that the boy’s great-grandfather who was a farmer at heart, would take the boy out to visit some real live cows.

Do You Remember

A grandmother visited in Clare’s home. This morning she was picking up her four year old grandson to take him to pre-school. As they were getting ready to leave her grandson looked up at her with his saucer size dark blue yes and said, “Grandma, remember when my brother was just a number waiting?”

Grandma couldn’t believe her ears. “What did you say, honey?” And this precious child repeated, “Remember when my brother was just a number waiting.”

“That’s what I thought you said.” Grandma took a few moments to regain her composure. She had heard young children were often still tied to the larger universe. Seeing that those eyes were still staring at her waiting for an answer, she put her arm around her grandson and said, ”   ell, yes I do.”

Grandma and grandson left for pre-school.

Getting Ice Cream

It was the Grandmother’s first visit to the Cape. Her daughter and son-in-law were playing tour guides but also exploring the island since they were newly located there. The boys decided to remain at home on this excursion So Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandaughter left in search of areas to go crabbing.

After several hours of driving and getting lost, the sun had set and all decided it was time to head for home. Well actually not all, Grandma always went with the program and let the others decide the schedule.

Being a typical toddler of three, the little girl asked, “Can we get ice cream before we go home?” Daddy, known for some spoiling of his offspring agreed they could.

So they pulled off the road at an ice cream and candy store; parked the car and went to order exotic flavored cones. Mom had fruit ripple; Dad chocolate death; Grandma black ‘walnut crunch, and of course the granddaughter had her favorite flavor, vanilla.

The group sat around an outdoor picnic table to lick and relish the cold delight. Dad stood with one leg placed on the bench. Mom sat with Grandma by the little girl. Grandma, having the advantage of age and insight to those special moments, was watching her grandchild eagerly lick the cone as the creme was running down her cheek, her arm, her place at the table.  She looked up and said, “Daddy!”. Next she looked over and said, “Mommy”. Both acknowledged her statements. Grandma watched the toddler’s face. It was like a sun. She was surely in heaven eating her favorite flavor of ice cream surrounded by Daddy and Mommy and all was well with the world. Itwas so beautiful. Grandma turned away because once again she knew the tears were coming.

A Mother Who Was Also A Grandmother

There was a mother and she was also a grandmother. As a mother she had raised a free thinking, liberated daughter. Shejust didn’t know what that really meant until much later. But when the time came, she saw her early seeds burst into full bloom and explode.

The daughter at age twenty, had decided at long last to divorce her husband who simply had never grown up. She was tired of supporting him, listening to his great promises that were never kept. When her children had been born, she realized it was time to be responsible. Living on the edge in rebellion against authority figures had been fun and probably necessary in some respects. But now, she was beginning to see things differently. Having allowed her husband freedom to try many jobs, pursue many plans, none of which worked, she made the decision to return home and complete her college degree. She knew she would be the sole support of these children and she knew they deserved better.

At times people come into Clare’s home when they are so emotionally wrought, they don’t know what to do. So, wherever they are, they seek Clare’s light and guidance.

This is what the grandmother found herself doing. She helped out with childcare and finances. She was there to help get everyone back in balance. She was good at that; caretaking seemed to be her second name.

The separation and eventual divorce was bitter. Of all the destructive things that occurred, the grandmother told Clare of the one scene burned into her memory and her heart.

The father had the boys out for a few hours as part of his visit. When he returned with them, the older boy rushed into the house and his room. This child was actually more bonded with his father, but he was one who kept things inside.

The younger child was different. He was very young, maybe two, but he always knew what he wanted and demanded just that. He clung to his father to the point that the mother had to pull him away. She brought him into the house as his father screamed.

..Don’t worry, son I’llbe back to get you and she’ll never see you again.”

He jumped into is truck and left much rubber behind as he drove off. Grandma witnessed all of this. As her daughter brought the two year old in,

kicking and screaming, she closed and locked the door. The boy cried and screamed hysterically all the while kicking and beating at the door. In a few moments the daughter crumbled to the floor holding herself as she cried.

“Maybe I should just let him have them.”

Now Grandma knew that would be the worse thing that could happen to those little boys. She watched the two year old still screaming and kicking at the door. She watched her daughter emotionally wrenched on the floor. She heard the soft sobbing coming from the older boy’s bedroom. For one of the first times in her life, shejust didn’t know what to do. So, as tears ran down her face, as her body churned with suppressed emotion, she asked Clare to help because she knew she needed to be strong especially now, and…she simply didn’t know what else to do.