Following Loralai

From chorus to a lead!



I’ve been following this young lady for some time.  Check back entry 2/26/2016 where she is in her middle school talent show followed by her rendition of song “Til the Pain Is Gone”.  Her Father is in the music business and one of his clients wrote this song. Loralai often sings the songs for Dad’s clients.


Then you may want to check out the entry 1/23/2017 “She’s On Her Way”


Now you are ready to see the in depth interview with Loralai, her parents and Grandmother from several years back when she was in the chorus of Les Miserable.  Yes!  She is in another production but playing one of the leads this time around .  She’s also just been cast as Maria in “The Sound of Music”.


So look for more posts as I follow the growth of this young lady!


My Friend Talia in Depth!

I’ve talked about Talia before and you can go back to the February 9, 2018 entry to read that portion. It dealt with the fact that she had talked me into being a part of her project.


The video post that I’m doing now is actually in several parts. The first will be on Talia’s book, Alexia Wants to Fly. The first part of the video will be where I tell my longtime friend and former student, Connie Freeman, that I’m taking her to meet the author of the book I had sent her for her niece. Then there is a short scene in the restaurant, Chocolate Maven, followed by a lengthier interview later with Talia about her book.

Part two of the interviews with Talia starts with my interview with her after an evening performance of the play, The Water Engine, produced by the Oasis Theater Company at Teatro Paraguas. The second portion of part two, is an interview with Talia shortly after she has completed her one woman show, The Passion of Ethel Rosenberg. And by the way, there will be a part three, which is a surprise.




This is an excerpt from The New Mexican in Summer 2018, in My View written by Jerry Labinger and titled Theater in Santa Fe - Better than People Think:

“I try to see as many plays and staged readings as I can, and only a few stood out in my mind…And the Passion of Ethel Rosenberg, a one-woman performance by the terrific Talia Pura, was so powerful in its humanity and true horror - Ethel Rosenberg was executed with her husband on espionage charges in the early 1950’s - that the warning to the audience to have a box of tissues handy was more than justified.”

This is part three and I don’t have a lot to say other than Talia is one amazing person. Who knows what’s coming next!


There really isn’t anything Talia can’t do, and by the way that tray of animals are her creations. They may be purchased at Indigo Baby in Santa Fe.

More connections – more future stars!

My friend Talia Pura talked me into submitting to her special event (featuring women Playwrights in Santa Fe )a short play she knew I had written. Because the cast of this play featured two young women (late teens early twenties) I connected with the New Mexico School for the Arts. Previously I had seen a number of their students in adult productions. I knew they were very talented. Thanks to one of their teachers, Barbara Hatch, I was fortunate to secure these very talented girls. Thanks to Talia for talking me into this!


Avonlea and Bella

At rehearsal


Jayden - A new playwright

Making connections again…


Renee was one of my students at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

Being honest, in her undergraduate years I really didn’t know much about her. I remember her being one of the students sharing a hotel room at a convention we were attending. She was always classically dressed and somehow managed to be up and gone before any of the rest of us were stirring. She never joined our get togethers in the evenings. I remember being concerned as she was the only African American in our group. I briefly felt I, being the faculty member with these graduate students, should make an effort to reach out to her. But I didn’t.

Several years later she asked me to write a recommendation for her as she was applying to another school for an advanced degree. She also asked for my input on the required narrative she wrote as part of her admission package. That was when I began to know Renee. The opening sentence of my recommendation read “Still waters run deep.” But even then there was so much more for me to learn about this woman who was such a lady in every definition of that word, but also a fighter! I am eternally grateful she has remained in touch with me all these years.   She constantly talks about how I influenced her and thanks me over and over, and says she is always telling her students about me.   But it is Renee who has taught me so much.

You can see from the family picture posted here, she has a large family. She also was in an interracial marriage . Recently she lost the love of her life and like many has had to struggle with that loss. It was only in recent years I learned how she had to fight to get their children in school and fight she did! The irony is that they ended up in a Catholic school where one of the teachers was the wife of someone who worked with my husband at that time. I do believe Renee was one of my students at that time, but as I stated earlier in this narrative, I really didn’t know much about her in those days other than she was a good student. In recent years she has been a faculty member in the same department at SIUE from which I retired many years ago. I am so proud of her!


I had just joined the New Mexico Writer’s Association. While attending their monthly networking luncheon, one of the members was very kind to this newcomer! I ended setting up a time to meet with her later that month. She gave me great advice which included the need to meet with Mary Neighbour as soon as possible. Also that Mary was a very busy lady, and I needed to get on her schedule ASAP! So I did.

We met for coffee, and while some who know me would never believe that I would feel insecure in such a meeting, I most certainly did! All I really knew about Mary was that she was an outstanding editor who was employed by most every writer I met. She fired one question after another at me. My confidence was returning as I had answers for most of the questions. At one point she asked me how I felt about doing radio programs. Well of course I had done quite a few of them being a guest here and there back in my previous days. She said, “I mean having your own radio show.” That one got me! I gulped and said I thought I could do that. Time was running out. The meeting ended. I really didn’t see much of Mary after that other than at the monthly networking lunches.  When I met with her originally I was working on what I referred to as my two adult novels. Recently Charles Blanchard who hopefully you read about in my blog on connecting him with Doug Montgomery, suggested that I call them something else because people would think I was writing porn. Oh my! I did however stopped writing those books midway and started writing my Annemarie series - children’s books which I never intended to write!

As usual every one was having Mary as the editor for their books. But then at one of the networking lunches, Mary talked about the book she just put out in a second edition. What? Lo and behold, she and her husband Andrew had actually lived in St. Louis for a number of years. She became interested in the Dred Scott case and wrote a novel about it. As is my usual behavior, I immediately start thinking of all the people who might be interested in reading her book. She also had mentioned that a number of colleges and universities were using it in some of their courses as collateral reading. I’m certain some of you who have labored reading through all of my comments this far have already figured it out. Renee and Mary became connected because of the book.

The meeting

I had sent Renee a copy of Mary’s book. She loved it and talked with some of her SIUE colleagues about it . Her supervisor asked her if she would like to use the book in one of the discussion groups that they had every year. Of course Renee said yes. She told me about this, and of course I told Mary. The two of them begin corresponding. Right now I don’t remember where I saw the announcement; perhaps it was in a message from Renee that in fact Mary would be going to St. Louis and meeting with Renee and her group about the book. I was so thrilled to hear this! I asked Renee if possible to get a picture of the group as well as with Mary. I also suggested it would be great if she could get one with the two of them by my brick on the wall. Several years ago the University build this wall of bricks with the names of the teachers who were there in the early days of the University. I felt somewhat silly in asking for this never thinking it would be a reality - just a bit too much to ask .

Later Renee sent me a link to the article the school newspaper wrote on Mary’s visit to her discussion group. I post it here for you. Should you perhaps want to get a copy Amazon carries it.





Dred Scott Book Author Gives SIUE Book Club Members Insights into the Man

October 3, 2017, 4:30 PM

Mary Neighbour’s book about Dred Scott, the African American illiterate slave whose 1857 Supreme Court case for freedom struck at the foundation of race and slavery in the U.S., was analyzed and praised during a Sept. 22 book club discussion at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Neighbour’s Speak Right On: Conjuring the Slave Narrative of Dred Scott was selected for the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Fall 2017 Book Club. Renee Fussell, instructor in the Department of Applied Communication Studies, is facilitating the biweekly discussions that began Friday, Sept. 8. The book is one-fourth biography and three-fourths fiction.

The author released a second edition of the book in 2015, in part because of the racial climate in the country. The book was first released in 2006.

“I wrote the book because of how sad, perplexed and outraged I felt that we knew so little about the man behind the case,” said Neighbour. “I was in St. Louis, and I visited the Gateway Arch. They gave a history on Dred Scott.

Book Club “Speak Right On: Conjuring the Slave Narrative of Dred Scott” by Mary Neighbor 09-22-17



“A man held up one piece of paper and said, ‘Everything we know about Dred Scott is on both sides of this paper.’”

The abbreviated background on the person, who Neighbour said was one of history’s most important people, became a challenge and battle cry of sorts.

“What you can’t do, can sometimes open doors to what you can do,” the author told the book club.

The writer then began to build on the little information that had been recorded about Scott. She started researching, among other things, the era that Scott lived in, the subject and various types of slavery, and Scott’s owners.

Mary Neighbour, is the author of Speak Right On: Conjuring the Slave Narrative of Dred Scott.

The future

Time to make more connections! Just did another which I will write about in the future. Stay tuned, and please comment on these. I would so love to get your feedback!









Two Interesting People Finally Connected!

Charles and Doug

The back story…

Doug Montgomery - whether you are a tourist visiting or a long time Santa fe resident, you probably have heard about.Doug Montgomery, pianist/entertainer extraordinaire. I’m a 20 year Santa fe transplant , and
while I had been to Vanessie (where you’ll find him tickling the ivories) several times over the years, I was a groupie at another place. Things changed.

My visitors I now took to see Doug.




Charles Blanchard - Charles and I met selling our books at Tuesday mornings’ Farmer’s Market. At first sight his book seemed huge and about classical music. Since I took Art Appreciation when I was a college freshman at SIU Carbondale (Yes back in the dark ages!) I always felt I lacked appreciation for classical music . Here was an opportunity to fill that gap. But it was a very thick book; consequently I delayed reading it.

Finally I picked it up to begin my read. What? A self-help book? Based on
quotes from the masters? But also quotes from my favorite people - those
whose concepts I taught regularly in my Interpersonal Communication
classes. Wow!

At one point in time I asked Charles if he knew Doug. He certainly knew
who he was, but did he know him personally? No. I had a former student
coming in to visit in the next week . I was determined that even though I
didn’t know Doug personally either , I would give him a copy of Charles’s
book at that time. It was an evening when Doug played the first two hours
followed by a guest performer later. As he completed his performance, I
went up to Doug first reminding him of a mutual friend, Greg Grissom (now
deceased). Then I handed him a copy of Charles’s book saying, “ I think
you might enjoy this book. Feel free to read or just pass it on to someone.”
Doug’s response was that he would read it. Read it he did. Loved it and
wanted to make contact as well as purchase multiple copies for his

Time to meet - Yes! I am not going to give you the backgrounds of these
two men. My wish is that you do research. I learned there was so much
more about both that I was overwhelmed. For some of you who might be
reading this and know me personally, you’ll know what I want to talk
about. Connecting - That moment when two people experience what can
only be called a spiritual moment.

The moment - Charles , his charming girlfriend , and I waited at our table
as Doug approached. He sat down and looking directly at Charles
immediately said “I love your book!” Charles responded with”You have no
idea what that means to me coming from you.”

To see these two men equally talented but different each in his own way,
to be witness to this spiritual happening, that my friends is connecting!

So what now - The guys have developed a friendship. So much in
common yet each uniquely his own person. I have two friends. As I
recover currently from heart surgery, each night I listen to one of Doug’s
CDs. When Charles won composer of the year and the symphony here
played his winning composition, I was in the audience tears flowing of

Check out Doug’s CDs and Charle’s book!

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