In Clare’s Home


You may notice “Clare” is spelled differently here from my website “Claire”. That’s because originally I felt uncomfortable using the real name as my own. The real name meaning St.Clare of Assisi. Over the years I have had an obsession with this Saint. It started a long time ago where attending a Catholic school eventually led to Confirmation. That meant we were to pick a name for the event, and were given little books with lives of the Saints. Most of the girls in my small class were picking Mary or Ann. I seldom did what most people did. I was torn between St.Clare of Assisi and St.Theresa the Little Flower (At least that’s who I thought it was - more on that later!).  St. Clare’s picture was of her holding a monstrance with host inside. ( Look at the picture of my St.Clare statue collection.) The story went that an army was coming. Her Poor Clare ladies as they were known then, came to inform her of the soldiers’ approach. She went to the chapel, took the monstrance with host inside and went out to meet the army. They turned around never to return. I’m pretty certain this impressed me as her being strong; my Confirmation became St.Clare of Assisi. (more…)