Here is an update to the earlier post from 2/9/2018:

These wonderfully bright and talented girls are still at New Mexico School for the Arts creating exciting performances.  Avonlea, Bella, and Gillian, my actresses, will be graduating this year.  Jayden remains at the school but triumphantly so!
I can’t say enough about them and how fortunate I was to be able to work with them.

Earlier post below for reference:

My friend Talia Pura talked me into submitting to her special event (featuring women Playwrights in Santa Fe )a short play she knew I had written. Because the cast of this play featured two young women (late teens early twenties) I connected with the New Mexico School for the Arts. Previously I had seen a number of their students in adult productions. I knew they were very talented. Thanks to one of their teachers, Barbara Hatch, I was fortunate to secure these very talented girls. Thanks to Talia for talking me into this!


Avonlea and Bella

At rehearsal


Jayden - A new playwright