It was the Grandmother’s first visit to the Cape. Her daughter and son-in-law were playing tour guides but also exploring the island since they were newly located there. The boys decided to remain at home on this excursion So Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandaughter left in search of areas to go crabbing.

After several hours of driving and getting lost, the sun had set and all decided it was time to head for home. Well actually not all, Grandma always went with the program and let the others decide the schedule.

Being a typical toddler of three, the little girl asked, “Can we get ice cream before we go home?” Daddy, known for some spoiling of his offspring agreed they could.

So they pulled off the road at an ice cream and candy store; parked the car and went to order exotic flavored cones. Mom had fruit ripple; Dad chocolate death; Grandma black ‘walnut crunch, and of course the granddaughter had her favorite flavor, vanilla.

The group sat around an outdoor picnic table to lick and relish the cold delight. Dad stood with one leg placed on the bench. Mom sat with Grandma by the little girl. Grandma, having the advantage of age and insight to those special moments, was watching her grandchild eagerly lick the cone as the creme was running down her cheek, her arm, her place at the table.  She looked up and said, “Daddy!”. Next she looked over and said, “Mommy”. Both acknowledged her statements. Grandma watched the toddler’s face. It was like a sun. She was surely in heaven eating her favorite flavor of ice cream surrounded by Daddy and Mommy and all was well with the world. Itwas so beautiful. Grandma turned away because once again she knew the tears were coming.