I know somewhere in all of my posts I have referred to John Gardner’s
book, SELF RENEWAL. Well right now one of his comments jumps back
into my very crazy, and overloaded mind. According to him, each
generation must discover for itself the meaning of “democracy”.
I am posting this in the Teenagers section where I first posted my
observation of a father and daughter at the dentist’s office.
Why? Because right now the teenagers of today have discovered what
John Gardner meant in his book so many years ago. But, the sad part is
how they’ve discovered this. They’ve witnessed their friends blood as the
friends die in the mass shooting in Florida and so many other places.
I recently tried to figure out why I have always believed this generation will save us. When did I start to believe in the younger generation. My answer
lies in earlier posts on this website where I talk about my small speech
class in Sparta, IL, so many years ago getting the Pierre Menard home
restored. If you haven’t read that yet, do so now.

As adults we preach how important education is. The kids are educated
and now led by Greta from Sweden fight for climate change just as the
kids from Parkland fight for gun laws. And where did this come from “And
a child shall lead them…”? So what do some of our enlightened (???)
adults say, but the kids fight on. I continue to believe it is the youth
discovering first hand as John Gardner said, what democracy is all about.

And oh yes, I talk in another part of this site about my obsession of Clare
of Assisi. I eventually chose her for my Confirmation name because she
represented courage; she confronted the Catholic hierarchy of the time.
I say to all these teenagers today, I’m with you. Sad that you have to save
us, but (and I know some people hate this saying) “It is what it is.”