In the past several years I have contributed to several projects where I believed in either the individuals doing them or their causes.

The first is a non-profit group of women whose goal is to develop ten short videos spotlighting individuals who have suffered abuse and yet pulled through for a better life. These videos are then distributed free of charge to shelters and other venues. The group is dedicated to having a variety of types, i.e. young/old/female/male etcetera. This group is called “Healing Voices – Personal Stories”.     Several of their videos have been entered and won top awards in film festivals. Their goal however is not to win awards but to get visibility for their cause. You can go to Face Book to see their site, and I will definitely be interviewing JoAnne Tucker the founder of this organization in the near future.


placedA charming young man, Danny Gura, who worked at Mail Stop where I get all of my mail, turned out to be a student filmmaker. His senior project which he had to fund raise was a film called Placed. I liked Danny and in talking with him felt he probably had a good film, so I did invest in this as well. It turned out that his film received the top award for his class at what used to be College of Santa Fe.   When I saw the finished project I was so impressed!   Recently he and his life long friend, Scott, moved to LA. I hope they both do well! Email me if you would like to know more about this film.


When I first started teaching as adjunct faculty at Santa Fe Community College I met a woman, Ann Tate, who helped me learn the ropes of being adjunct faculty. She also introduced me to her husband, George.   We became friends. Having grown up in the apathetic 50s, and having somewhat of a guilt complex about that, I delighted in hearing George’s stories. As I write this, I can still hear his wonderful laugh as he told me stories of his life.   We had a mutual friend also named George, a poet. This George and I attended a birthday celebration given by Ann for her husband. Later the poet George and I met for coffee and talked about that experience, especially where one of his daughters made a presentation. I told poet George he should write a poem about that experience. He told me I should do a script. So I did. I remember hoping that Ann and George would agree to me doing a documentary on their life as an interracial couple. They agreed. I did. But…while I had hoped to put copies in libraries all over the country and in some graduate programs on counseling, this never happened. I had never done a documentary before. I prefer not to get into the gory details of this activity and all I learned from it.   To this day I regret the outcome. The poet George died some years ago and Ann’s George in the past two years. I still have the raw data where George Tate tells so many wonderful stories, and I do have a copy of the documentary, The Journey of an Interracial Couple, sad mess that it is.


I stated previously that I had never done a documentary before, but what I realized was that in some respects I had. As my parents grew older and the extended family became much larger, I was concerned that the younger generations including my grandchildren would never know their grandparents. So I decided I wanted to create a record where I would share moments, especially the Christmas times, that I experienced. I also had a bit of video my son had taken the year he got his first camera and was home for a holiday visit. It so captured my Mom and Dad at home having a meal and conversing. I also had a video from the time my Mom and her card club was featured on a St. Louis TV station. Through a script writing workshop I met this wonderful young woman, Danielle Reddick. Danielle’s husband did video, and I engaged him to do the memoir. My intent was to make copies for the first generation as a Christmas gift.   I called it A Gift of Story from Pat Goehe.   It was much later that I realized this was a documentary of sorts…but also not a good one. I really didn’t know much about this genre at that time. I did way too much talking, but at least the other parts are priceless when it comes to getting the essence of my Mom and Dad. Some of my nieces and nephews actually appreciated it.


Future projects. None right now, but with me, you never know what crazy idea may pop into my head.