Today I was reassessing my websites and dealing with some realities.
While it will take me some time to get this completed, I do plan to
reorganize the PCE (And don’t I wish I had named it that!) site making kit
easier to access and easily find information.

I need to acknowledge that I have no training in recording interviews etc.
and relied totally on my IPhone. This created issues like some of the
material in Talia’s lengthy interview that volume was too low.
But I have learned ; future work will be better.

Someone commented over a year ago that my entries were too long. At
the time I said I created the PCE site as I wanted it to be. Well you know
what? She was right. I have good friends who write blogs as well , and I
really want to read them, but I often skim. Maybe I’m incorrect , but it
seems to me my daily paper these days has extensive articles. I don’t
remember in years past that they were so long. I read the headlines and
skim the rest. I also wonder why I keep having it delivered.

In checking past posts I found an entry over a year ago where I apologize
for having not written for a long period of time. Wow! That’s exactly what
I’m doing now. Sorry! I do hope to get better. These current “catch up”
entries are a start. I also have several new connection entries I want to do.
I also think if some of you start responding to entries and/or perhaps want
to do a guest blog, I would really be motivated.