Talia continues to be involved all things theatre here in Santa Fe. Theatre
Walk just concluded it’s third year again very successful. Talia is also now
on the board of SAG-AFTRA and the Ambassador for DramatistGuild of
America. She has written a play to be given in connection with Joanne
Tucker’s group producing National Day of Violence event.

As my lengthy interview with Talia demonstrates, she’s a woman of many
talents and always on the go. I personally get worn out just hearing about
all the things she’s doing.

However, the biggest change in her life currently is her grandson, Oliver.
She and Bill (Talia’s husband) are sharing much joy as they raise this little
boy. It has of course caused Talia to modify some of the many things she
does. Perhaps fewer workshops in other countries, she’s busy working it
out. And if you know Talia, she will! But one just has to look at the
pictures she’s been posting to see how much she and this child adore
each other.