This is what it’s all about!

FullSizeRender5Meet Chloe who was at Farmer’s Market with her Grandmother.   Seeing how this beautiful little girl loved my book, her expressions, her comments, this to me is what it’s all about. If I ever even break even on this series I will be happy. But if I don’t, I can live with that. How can you put a price on watching a child enjoy what you and your illustrator have created?

I told Chloe that the second book was all about Annemarie learning to whistle. I asked her if she could whistle…..and she demonstrated to me that she could.

For those of you who have purchased this book and have similar pictures of your little one enjoying it, please feel free to send me copies. We would love to post them on the Annemarie web site.


How is book two progressing?

Just fine thank you!   The story line is totally completed, and Joe is deep into illustrating the story.   My process is to carry the stories in my head till I can’t handle it anymore . Then I must write it down.   When I did this for book two I didn’t concern myself about the pages. Joe let me know I had 80. Oh no! For children’s picture books, the general consensus is they should be about 35 pages.

So, with great sadness I cut 40 pages. But not to worry … it remains a great story!