On this day I was pretty much wandering aimlessly around our DeVargas Mall having discovered that the hair cut appointment I thought I had, once again was wrong!  I was leaving for Dallas in a few days and decided I wanted to pick up something for my daughter there who would be celebrating her birthday during my visit.  I don’t normally give gifts to my daughters or son on their birthdays now that they are older, but this was a special one - her - well best not put that in print!  Anyway, I’m slowly strolling up and down looking at windows.  This mall is the oldest in Santa Fe and was pretty much going down hill till this wonderful thing happened. Another place was bought out to develop a home for the New Mexico School for the Arts, one of my favorite groups.  Almost all of the stores there relocated to DeVargas.

As I walked slowly, I spotted Dell Fox Jewelry, a place where  I had many years ago purchased something at their previous location.  As I looked in the window I saw the perfect gift for this daughter’s birthday, a very delicate chain with one single pearl.  The pearl is always symbolic to me.  It represents much hard work but also diligence for that pearl to be made.  Both of my daughters seem to be on overload these days, so this was perfect now.

I went in and met the owner, Dell, who was extremely helpful.  I also happened to notice a display of bangle bracelets with sayings engraved on them.  I started reading the sayings and Dell informed me these were known as “Rumi bracelets” and had become quite popular.  She pointed to a Rumi poem on display in the store.  She also said that recently some people saw these and started thinking of other ways to use them.  She was still searching for what to call this new version.  People were ordering them to commemorate special special occasions in their lives like birthdays, weddings, deaths, etc.  All including the Rumi ones can be special ordered.



Well I have a thing about bracelets for gifts, so of course I had to special order!   Recently I had the call that the special order was in and Glenda, Dell’s assistant, was there to give it to me.

I can’t rave enough about the quality of the merchandise.  Dell is the jeweler and refers to herself as a “classic jewelry” maker.  You can find so many things in this store.  Dell and Glenda are such wonderful accommodating people.  If you love Rumi poems or have a occasion where you need something special, this is the place to come.  Many tourists do and also come back when they are in Santa Fe again.  But, you could also go online and/or phone and talk with Dell about special orders.  (www.dellfoxjewelry.com or beauty@dellfoxjewelry.com. 505-986-0685)