Some updates on people I’ve posted about before.

Renee has taken retirement and continues to enjoy her family and inspire
those around her.

Mary has just published a book for writer’s and is doing a workshop
related to information in the book. She continues to be one fantastic
editor. She also recently facilitated the development of a group
discussing ways to improve racial relations.

Wishing my friend George Tate were still alive. He could contribute so
much to this group. See my post on George 11/6/2015.

Doug continues to shine at Vanessie though there’s a new owner and sort
of a new name: FelixVanessie, he continues to do “gigs” all over the
country. I enjoy his music whenever possible.

Charles relocated to Arizona where he continues to give presentations and
sells his books. Was thrilled to meet up for lunch this past year and hope
to do that again. I told him about the my new book. While I was
explaining the underlying structure to him, it dawned on me his book has a
similar type structure. Unfortunately I mentioned that to which he
responded I would have to give him a cut off of all books sold. Love him
and miss his being here in Santa Fe.

Connie and the love of her life, John , recently retired to Las Cabos
Mexico. I look forward to visiting them in the future. It thrills me to see
couples who are so much in love as they are. Connie of course continues
to be Connie; she does quite a bit of posting on FB raging against the
current political climate in our country. But then remember, her Mother
grew up in Germany under Hitler’s reign. I admire Connie’s spunk.

Meghan continues to be cancer free; she continues to write.
She works and goes to school plus raising three darling boys with their
Dad. I hope to have another guest piece from her in the future.