I have friends who swear by Natalie Goldberg. I first encountered her years ago through a former colleague at SIUE, Kevin McCleary. I loved her first book because she said it was all right at times to stay in your robe all day and do nothing. My kind of gal!

But now I live in New Mexico as does she. I took a writing class not long ago where the teacher taught it ala Ms. Goldberg. At first I wasn’t happy. Why? Well I finally got back to writing and planned to retire once again from teaching so I could write. I had stories, plays, novels, so many things on the burner( but not poetry – I don’t do that!). I did not want to “practice” writing! Mid-way through the course I began to see the real value of the Goldberg system. For any who may not be familiar with it, one does “timed” writings. You have a topic (My teacher gave us lists of options for this.) and you just write without stopping. You don’t worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, revising, you just keep writing.

If you have been reading some of what I post on this website, you will find typos, selections that seem to need editing. As I was reading the entries after my web gal Kendra posted them, I discovered these errors. Much of what I’ve posted already were selections written over the years and I didn’t catch the typos and wasn’t into worrying about revisions.

Panic! Do I redo all of them and make the corrections? At this point in time, NO! and I will use Ms. Goldberg’s system as my excuse. Is that okay with you? Let me know.